Some great datamoshing using AE Pixel Sorter and Data Glitch by Harto. Also, make sure to check out their excellent Motiongraphics reel below.

Tools used

Author Notes

1080p Quality and Audio-on highly recommended.

Mix of selected videos, installations and A/V Performances.

My role: direction, co-direction, design, motion design and editing.

Design studios: Revolution Department, WÖA Creative Company, Otolab
Clients: Valentino, Missoni, Garage Italia, Vittorio Branchizio, Pitti Uomo, Neunau

Original footage from 00:44 to 00:47 by

From 00:28 to 00:47 - video shooting by Giovanni Franzoi

Skee Mask - Kordman Return (Swing Mix)


Motiongraphics Reel notes

Audio-on recommended.

Mix of vectorial motiongraphics works.

My role: design, animation, illustration and editing.

Design studios: Wired Italia, Claudio Sinatti, Cayenne, Pomo.
Clients: Terranova, Wired Italia, Expo Milano, Unicredit, CheFare, Forst, Oxydo.

00:21 - 00:34: design Selene Sanua, art direction and motion by me

01:27: illustration by Fabrizio Festa

"Lupita" by Nico Gomez 
"At the end" by The Crown
mash-up by me


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