Amazing tracking and compositing using Mocha Pro to create some extremely realistic anti-aging effects on the full body by rousselos Aravantinos. Please note that this could be considered NSFW.

Tools used

Author Notes

Hybrid Mud is about age regression with the aid of technology in the art of Visual Effects! So I came up with this idea of making a new age-reduction test. It had to be more challenging than my previous one. It had to be in Super High Resolution of 6K.

A huge thanks to my beautiful actors Michele Valley and Panos Kranidiotis, who trusted me with putting a Nip-Tuck spell on their image, Markos Holevas for his precious support, and of course Ted Regklis for his beautiful score for this mini film!

Watch here the Nuke Scripts :

A brief description of the technical details:

Shot and processed at 6K in EXR, on my old i7-2670QM 2.20 GHz Laptop ( what a stupid idea )
Dealing with vector paint and spline nodes was tough. Endless pre-rendering and rendering!

Software Utilized:
1. Nuke, for the 2D work on the bodies and faces.
2. Mocha for some tracking.
3. Photoshop, for painting the young/old beard and body hair.
4. Maya 3D, for Adam's hair, the crystal snake, and the leaves.
5. After Effects, for color and finishing.

For this test, I had to figure how to make some basic 3D animation/ rigging, and 3D hair grooming. However, the bodies and the faces are done only with 2D techniques. I painted tiny details such as the pores of the skin...but they don't really show in this resized Vimeo version. Due to the zero 3D skills I had during the filming period, I decided to keep the action in the shots fairly simple. Additional hair for Adam's hairline was painted directly in Nuke...It was "fun".The time lapse of the rotting apple took nearly 3 months.

Copyright: rousselos Aravantinos


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