Nice isometric design on this explainer video using Advanced Composition Grid by Light Within Productions

Tools used

Author Notes

The main software used was After Effects and Illustrator. Goldwave and Audition for the sound editing.
Workflow tips:
1. When applying some of the animation principles, it became apparent, certainly in the case of Squash and Stretch, that too much amplitude would cause objects to distort to a point where they no longer fit in with the isometric style. So I applied them quite sparingly, enough to give it an organic ambience, but not so much that it would skew things beyond what I subjectively felt was outside of the isometric style.
2. No matter how precise the drawings were in Illustrator, when imported and made native in After Effects, they just didn't seem to tessellate properly, faint gaps were present, so don't tessellate, let the bottom layers underlap.
3. Don't get mesmerised by the isometric style, hahah. At times it was surreal, when zooming in close on certain areas, I found that I was losing my bearings, is this down, or forward; is this object to the side or above the other object, so use the Advanced Composition Grid to keep your perspective. Things are always in scale, so you can't just scale it down, and hope the impression is that it is further away than another object.
Cheers, Ace.


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