Clean and simple yet highly effective idents using C4D thinking particles by and . Btw, be sure to check out Sean's epic tutorial on creating a 3D particle world using Plexus and C4D.

Tools used

  • C4D Thinking Particles
  • Frischluft Depth of Field
  • ReelSmart Motion Blur

Author Notes

This is some of the work I did for itvBe, a channel that launched at the end of 2014. It was a really fun job to be involved with. It's a nice mix of bold graphic colours and realistic real life objects. I created these idents and bumpers in Cinema 4D utilising Mograph, Thinking Particles or Hair and composited them all in After Effects. Frischluft Depth of Field and ReelSmart Motion Blur were great for realistic depth of field and motion blur in After Effects. C4D and After Effects made it easy to get these looking realistic on a tight deadline.

ITV Creative
Creative Director: Gavin Leisfield
Executive Producer: Jen Lane


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