Great particle effects using Trapcode Mir and more by Jean-Marie Marbach

Tools used

Author Notes

Here's a new independently produced music video for artist James Fasa (who also produced and directed).
Shooting was done in LA (and around), while VFX were completed in Paris, France by myself (Jean-Marie Marbach / ).

Imagine a world in the not-so-distant future where technology is barely scratching the surface of the impossible. One girl creates a device with unimaginable potential. Witness the beginning of Miyako's journey of adventure and self-discovery. 

The story begins with a Japanese girl named, Miyako.

She is studying abroad as a young engineering prodigy only at the age of 21. She invested her spare time and efforts in building a device that would allow her to escape. Her reason for studying abroad was due to her parents getting a divorce and has left her heart broken and torn. To kill the pain and distract herself from thinking of it all. She used her time to create what she simply calls "prism" Its a device that will allow her to travel into her dreams for any duration as she pleases but before human trials were even to be considered for testing she begins to realize her development is bigger than her. The device she created was in fact not what she intended but a teleportation device. She can only teleport aka (jump) to places she had recently dreamt of. 

After a trial run and only using the device at its lowest power it gives of a very large blast of radiation. An unknown figure picked up this high level of radiation and has now out to retrieve this power. Once the initial test was performed, Miyako rushes to her school to converse with her professor who happens to be an old family friend & the only other person who is aware of Miyako's Prism. After, her professors words shut her down in fear that she is dealing with something far more troubling. unbeknownst to Miyako the mysterious man follows her home. While Miyako lays in bed thinking over the days events, she gets a ominous feeling. Suddenly the mysterious mad enters her home and Miyako chooses to take flight with her invention. Out of fear for her life, Miyako takes a leap of faith and attempts to use her device at its max power. 

Original Story by: James Fasa 

Music: James Fasa

Miyako played by: Kaitlyn Gee 

Professor played by: Brent Takeda

Mysterious Man played by: Samuel Hinojosa 

Directed by: James Fasa

Co- Directed by: Junnimac

Cinematography by: Steve Park

VFX by: Jean-Marie Marbach 

Produced by: Junnimac & James Fasa

Storyboard Animator: Junnimac

Special Thanks: Johnny Angel!


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