Mixed media explainer using L3tt3rM4pp3r and many other aescripts tools by

Tools used

Author Notes

Essentially it's an explainer/intro video for backend-as-a-service solution, and since that's pretty incomprehensible to normal people, a different approach was taken to explaining what that really is.

Most of the animation was done in After Effects with some sequences done entirely in 3d. For 3d parts I used Modo for modelling and for rendering I used both Modo's render engine and Maxwell. Quite a few scripts and tools made my life much easier in After Effects. True Comp Duplicator, Ouroboros, Ascii Generator, L3tt3rM4pp3r... Also, I used expressions for easing in and out with some added overshoot on a lot of objects. Figuring out sequences was probably the hardest part simply because they needed to work well together and still offer a good visual explanation of a very complex subject.


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