Kitsch music video using Trapcode Mir and Key Assist Bundle by Jean-Marie Marbach

Tools used

Author Notes

Most of the VFX had Trapcode Form and Mir involved, all keying and compositing was completed using the Key Assist Bundle.

Directed By Jean-Marie Marbach - - [2016]

Here's a preview from MODULAR's Album “Fuga Al Paraíso”, to be released [18-3-2016]. Advance digital single of their third album.

The single comes with a remix (CCCP Remix) by the Russian musician Pavel Polyakof and his group COPY CAT PROJECT. It is a revision that brings the song’s sound 10 years ahead, with echoes of the 80s, from the beginnings of house and dreamy touches, but still maintaining the essence of the original song’s melody.

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Song taken from ER-D068 MODULAR "Fiebre En La Disco" Digital Single | On sale clicking here ➔

Video-clip of "Fiebre En La Disco (CCCP Remix By Copy Cat Project)" on sale on iTunes ➔

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Production: François Mari & Loup Mery for A La Bonne Heure Productions
Director Of Photography: Véronique Billaux-Leclerc
Assistant DP: Ludovic Demange
Steadycam Operator: Léo Matthes
Additional Photography: Mariana Badaracco & Pablo Dahy
Second Unit Director & DP: Brau Perez Marti
Set Assistant: Dominique Pingris
Lightning Technicians: Vincent Legros & Freddy Misat
Hair & Make Up: Elodie Millon & Elodie Guesnet
Set Photographer: Simon Picazos
Casting Director: Malika Zaidi for International Spectacle
Editing: Philippe Negre
VFX + Compositing: JM Sebastian
Additional 3D Set: Guillaume Lenel
Additional 3D Tracking: Georges Ginoux
Sound Design: Pavel Polyakov

Starring: Mariana Badaracco, Deborah Pouchoulin, Karine Archimede, Soleila Chaou Costa, Claire Theault, Charlotte Bermond, Aurelie Giboire, Coline Omasson, Mylene Beautes, Gaelle Lalanne, Julie Dorval and as the Disco King: Pablo Dahy (Head) and Patrick Serrurier (Body)

Special Thanks to Olivier Ferracci
Particle FX created with Trapcode Suite


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