Star Wars mania is ramping up again and the Mill delivers amazing photoreal 3D in only 3 weeks of production!


Author Notes

Ajit Menon, 3D Artist at the Mill: "Just finished working on this after an intense 3 week schedule for all CGI and compositing. We built all the X-wings, the city and the final battle sequence entirely in CGI."

The Mill joined ‘forces’ again with Sony PlayStation and our long-term collaborators BBH New York, to mark the release of EA’s highly anticipated PS4 title Star Wars™ Battlefront™

BBH New York came up with a creative concept that introduces our hero, a grown man battling his way through mundane paperwork in the office, when he spots the R2-D2 toy on his desk and begins to nostalgically reminisce about his childhood how he and his best friend were caught up in the action and excitement of a distant galaxy. 
The force is definitely strong in this spot for Sony PlayStation PS4’s latest game Star Wars™ Battlefront™- a visual narrative telling the story of friendships, imagination, battling lightsabers (aka flashlights – with homemade sound effects), dressing up as Chewbacca for Halloween and R2-D2 birthday cakes.
We follow the story of our hero as he daydreams through these distant memories when the building shakes and the sound of a jet engine roars, he turns to look outside to find his best friend in an X-wing fighter gesturing for him to join. Naturally, he leaps in to his X-wing fighter and we watch as they fly past a bustling cityscape to the icy planet of Hoth and join their rebellion squadron.
As you can imagine, here at The Mill we love Sony PlayStation PS4 and we love Star Wars™, so for us this was like being a kid again.
Jeremy Moore, The Mill’s Producer explains, “We had amazing subject matter and a truly great storyline to work with. As kids, who didn’t imagine immersing themselves into the Star Wars universe? So we approached this with the duality of maintaining the iconic presence of each ‘astromech droid’, ‘snow speeder’ and ‘X-wing’, while maintaining the pure fantasy of the story.”
Feel the force with PlayStation®4 and Star Wars™ Battlefront™ and find your inner galactic child.


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