James Whiffin of Plugin Everything explains how and why they developer the Path Visualizer plugin.

Tools used

Author Notes

Today James talks about how a bug report made him develop an entire plugin for After Effects, Path Visualizer's journey was an interesting one.


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Path Visualizer is a great way to draw vertices, beziers and handles based on your text or paths. It updates live with any animations. Great for technical/blueprint styles or just showing off your phat curves.


It's on aescripts + aeplugins now with a free trial as well.


Some of the features of Path Visualizer:


- Compatible with text, shape layers and masks

- Updates live with your animation

- Different vertex types: Circle, diamond, square

- Customize handle lengths, widths, colors, stroke

- Easy to use animation system

- Large number of stylistc parameters, customizable to suit any style


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