The Plugin Everything crew has a live show and as their second guest, they invited aescripts + aeplugins founder Lloyd Alvarez. Make sure to tune in Friday August 24 at 3PM GMT which is 11am in NY and 8am in LA so set those alarm clocks now!

Check out the recorded interview below.

Author Notes

Plugin Everything's “Facebook Live” show is called “This Is Everything”. Each episode they will talk with a new and interesting artist, creative director, company owner and beyond to crack open the creative door into what this industry looks like for them. Their second “Facebook Live” episode will be featuring Lloyd Alvarez, founder of aescripts + aeplugins,
Tune in live on Aug 24nd at 12pmGMT to be involved in a show not to be missed! For more info on this time in your location check here
Make sure to like Plugin Everything's Facebook page to get the “Live Show” reminder.


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