Dope 8-bit animation created using RetroDither by Jeremy Mansford

Tools used

Author Notes

RIFT RIPPERS: THE_BLIPTAPE_FINAL_FINAL. An 8 minute inter-dimensional audio/visual adventure through my take on Pixel Art and Chiptunes.


A creative compile of my favourite pixel art/chiptune inspired work from the last few years.


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0:00 Ripping on A Dream

2:17 Attract mode

2:31 Full Meter (Lobster Justice)

2:54 Synth Is The Way [Extended Blipz]

3:43 Abandoned Research [interlude]

4:11 Dragon Funkch (Unicorn Sales)

4:33 Adventure Hidden Within

5:31 Volcanic Vanguard

6:09 Sunset Sweep (Ninjabot)

6:32 Eternal Badlands [interlude]

6:56 Ring of Necromancers


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