Brilliant design and execution on this title sequence by

Making Of

Author Notes

The creative direction was to “delve into the mind of the master” and represent an iconic moment of each film with a graphic treatment rather than using show footage. We wanted to explore the psychology behind Hitchcock’s film making techniques, so we decided to represent this visually, through the use of ink, specifically flowing ink, evoking the sense of organically flowing thoughts and ideas becoming fully formed visual masterpieces.

After deciding what, we then needed to figure out how. We quickly agreed that we needed to create this spot practically to be able to capture the authenticity that the direction deserved. After a week of researching and testing, we discovered a technique of dropping ink into water. We used a paintbrush and water, on watercolour paper to paint the image. Then, using an eyedropper, dropped a small amount of ink into the water. The ink flows through the water and creates the final image. We filmed the spot on Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera, edit and compositing was done in After Effects and graded in Resolve.


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