Awesome retro-inspired opener by Jeremy Cox and team at Imaginary Forces.

Tools used

  • Substance Painter
  • JerLooks Gizmo

Author Notes

Jeremy Cox: "Used Cinema4D, rendered mostly with Physical Renderer plus a couple Octane shots Textured with Substance Painter. Composited in Nuke with some special sauce from my “JerLooks” gizmo."

The SXSW gaming awards have been an amazing opportunity for us to explore and try new things over the last 3 years. This year we started with gaming hardware, added a big slice of NASA space photography, a dash of retro sci-fi book covers, and pinch of Kubrick's 2001. We combined them together into an opening that transports the audience into the world of the SXSW Gaming Awards

Creative Director: Jeremy Cox 
Art Director: Max Strizich 
Executive Producer: Jon Hassell 
Head of Production: Aleen Kim 
Designers: Jeremy Cox, Max Strizich, Amy Wallace 
3D Animators: Jeremy Cox, Max Strizich, Hogan Williams, Henry Chang, Paolo Cogliati 
2D Animators: Nathan Goodell, Isabell Hacker, Daniel Blanco 
Editor: Rachel Ambelang 
Audio: Nacwin Music 
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