Fantastic design using Ray Dynamic Color, BAO Mask Avenger and Explode Shape Layers by PuppetTools author Greg Gunn at Blind

Tools used

Author Notes

Using a series of clever visual metaphors, my trusty team and I crafted this minimalist, animated video that introduces the world to Tangoe’s ground breaking software, Matrix. No, it’s not that Matrix… probably.

Check out a thorough case study at Blind's website:

Client: Tangoe
Creative Director: Greg Gunn
Post Producer: Nicole Wasserman, Scott Rothstein
Designers: Ram Bhat, Karen To, Brian Phan, Rachelle Moon
2D Animators: Daniel Zhang, Henry Pak, Andrew Hawrlyk, Peter Lee, Nhi Vo, Brian Phan
Storyboard Artist: Karen Wang
Editor: Andrew Truong
Music: Adam Sanborne
Sound Design: Adam Sanborne


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