The good lads at Plugin Everything made an excellent tutorial on our Manager App which makes managing all your AE tools a breeze :-)

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Today we're back with another infotainment tutorial about How To Install Plugins, Scripts, CEP Extensions, and Presets in After Effects For Mac & Windows but this time we're talking specifically about the aescripts manager app and how fantastic it is.

A lot of the results for this are really old, and we wanted to make sure if people searched they found accurate and up to date information on installing all of these things properly. 

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0:18 - The Hardest Part Of Using Plugins In After Effects

1:14 - Why the aescripts Manager App is the Best Way To Install Plugins, ZXP, Extensions, Panels, and Scripts.

3:10 - How To Set Filters In the aescripts Manager App

3:45 - What Features It Needs

5:00 - Why This Installer Saves You Time For All Of aescripts

5:30 - How the aescripts manager app keeps plugins up to date


Download the aescripts manager app here:


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