The new text prompt feature in Mask Prompter is a paradigm shift in creating roto mattes on footage in After Effects. Learn how easy it is to use it!

Tools used

Author Notes

Hello, the AE plugin 'Mask Prompter' was recently updated, 

and a new feature called 'Text Prompt' was added.

With this function, when you enter the Text for the object you want to separate, a mat is created in the area that matches the Text Based.

I hope this helps you with your work.


This plug-in depends on the user's PC environment.

Unexpected errors may occur when applied to an ongoing project.

It is a good idea to create a separate empty project just for the mat and render the results in advance.


PC spec on which this tutorial was recorded

Intel i9 / RTX 3080Ti / 64Gb Ram / Win 10


Plugin info:


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