We are pleased to announce the winners of the SkyBox Studio 360 CountDown Challenge! Entries had to show a creative 360 video countdown that was made in After Effects with SKyBox Studio. The judges looked for an immersive experience, that brought the viewer into 360 space. Thanks to all who participated! The judges had a difficult task!

1st Place: Charles Yeager (yeagerfilm.com)

What we loved: This clever animation starts off in a barren 360 landscape, where numbers literally come crashing down from the sky. A well-executed, clean design that jolts you awake!

2nd Place: Rezgi Bourezgui (rezgi.com)

What we loved: A cinematic approach that brings the viewer into a futuristic and and kind of disorienting world. We literally have to turn the next corner and follow the graphics, all the while soothed by a Japanese woman’s voice counting down the numbers to…what?

3rd Place: Raymond Rivera (ray.graphics)

What we loved: Lots off attention to detail in this futuristic countdown, inspired by the world of space movies and video games. The different mechanical pieces are really well put together, so there’s lots to look at as we travel into the heart of the ship/structure.


Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who participated!