The most excellent Yule Log is back again with the 2.015 edition. 


Author Notes

Yule Log 2.015 is a collection of short films created by various artists that are bringing the yule log tradition into the digital age. Warm up your next holiday party and play the films on loop, or pick ‘n choose your faves and enjoy them at your leisure.

Our third and best year yet. Thanks to everyone who helps make this silly idea an amazing reality.

Created by Daniel Savage
Site by Wondersauce
Music by Friendship Park

0:06 - Eran Hilleli
0:11 - Ross Phillips
0:15 - Patrick Clarke
0:19 - Joshua Catalano
0:21 - Markus Magnusson
0:23 - Impactist
0:25 - Erica Gorochow, Seth Eckert
0:27 - James Wignall
0:29 - Yussef Cole
0:31 - Salih Abdul-Karim, Chris Lohouse
0:32 - Slanted Studios
0:34 - HouseSpecial
0:37 - Daniel Savage
0:39 - Sam Ballardini
0:40 - Daniel Oeffinger
0:43 - Ariel Costa
0:44 - Josh Parker, Mercy Lomelin
0:46 - Parallel Teeth
0:48 - Marcin Zeglinski
0:50 - Nick Forshee, Ian Sigmon, Marcus Bakke
0:51 - Jorge R. Canedo Estrada
0:52 - Robin Davey
0:54 - Jay Quercia
0:56 - James Curran
0:58 - Evan Anthony, Jeremy Abel
1:00 - Conrad McLeod
1:05 - Ege Soyuer, Nick Petley
1:10 - Oddfellows
1:17 - Justin Cassano, Matt Delbridge, Seth Hulewat, Jen Lu, Tim Nolan, Christina Lu, Andrew Herzog, Pedro Sanches, Julian Glander, Brian Gossett, Black Math, Austin Robert, Bran Dougherty-Johnson, Drew Tyndell, Keetra Dean Dixon, Pierce Gibson, Cole Clark, Patrick Macomber, Patrick Finn, Ben Hill, Wesley Ebelhar, Angie Son, Shawn Kim, Ryan Cox, Skip Hursh, Adam Grabowski, Jerry Liu, Ryan Gillis, Justin Lawes, Emory Allen, Alicia Reece.


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