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Mask Prompter

  • Compatibility After Effects
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Author: Blace Plugins

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Quick Overview

July 2024 update: Refine Matte feature!

A.I.-based plugin for easy and efficient matte generation. Automated AI-powered rotoscoping has arrived!

Automated AI-powered rotoscoping has arrived!


Mask Prompter is the new way of creating mattes. Simply use points and boxes to detect and generate black-white mattes and alpha channels for objects in your footage.

Use the power of A.I. to handle the tedious work and get back to being creative!

New: Text based matting!

New: Fast mode! This gives good performance on weaker gpus and cpu only systems.




Hardware support


   cpu mode  hardware acceleration
 Windows with NVIDIA GPU  ✅  ✅
 Windows with other GPU  ✅  ❌
 MacOS ≥ 12.3 (M1/M2 or Intel with AMD GPU)  ✅  ✅
 MacOS ≥ 11.5  ✅  ❌

Hardware acceleration will run orders of magnitude faster than the cpu mode.





July 2024 update: Refine Matte feature


New: Text based matting

Use natural language to describe the objects you want to key. Matting has never been that easy and flexible.

Simple workflow

The matting workflow is super simple. Specify points and rectangles on/around the object. Mask Prompter will create a matte from your prompt. This allows for fine-grained selection, refinement and easy tracking.





We applied some custom extensions to the underlying AI - therefore you'll get interactive prompting. Note: The performance will be dependent on your hardware.


Stable on video!

It's very easy to get consistent results on video. The rivers matte on the right was created with a single point placed on the river!



Multiple output modes

Output your mattes as overlays for visualization, as a black-white matte or as content with transparent alpha channel. This allows for versatile integration in your workflow and combination with other effects.



Tutorials & Documentation







Additional Infos



It runs on AE 2022 and above. Please test your configuration using the free trial before purchasing.


GPU mode may be not as stable as cpu mode.

On Windows an Nvidia graphics card is needed for gpu version of the plugin.

Trial version

The trial is fully functional with a blue cross watermark which is removed once a valid license is entered.


Based on research and implementation of Meta Reseach.  



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After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022
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