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  • Autokroma

    • Compatibility Premiere
    • Compatibility Media Encoder

    BRAW Studio

    Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder native Blackmagic RAW (.braw) importer. Now compatible with macOS and Windows!

    Blackmagic has released their own .braw plugin but we hope you have benefited from having this functionality this whole time, we put a lot of time and effort into creating this as we quickly identified a real need for the community which is part of our mission. We will continue to develop our plugin and try to add features that are not available in the BM version so it continues to add value to your toolkit.

    Autokroma Website   |    Facebook

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  • New

    Peter Quinn

    • Compatibility After Effects

    PQ FUI Toys 3

    Pre-animated, sometimes looping, customizable Fake User Interface assets, as editable After Effects comps. Just search, browse and generate editable AE comps using the new Script UI panel, then customize parameters to make it your own.

    Script UI Panel, brought to you by CompCode

    Free Upgrade for all PQ FUI Toys 2 customers!

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  • Brennan Chapman

    • Compatibility After Effects

    True Comp Duplicator

    Creates a complete duplicate of selected comp hierarchies including subcomps with many options.
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  • Plugin Everything

    • Compatibility After Effects

    Deep Glow

    Generates a beautiful, physically accurate glow. You'll never want to touch After Effect's default glow again.

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  • Motion Boutique

    • Compatibility After Effects

    Newton 3

    The 2D physics engine for Adobe After Effects. Newton 3 has tons of new features!

    The trial version is fully functional but export is restricted to 25 frames.

    Newton is discounted 50% for students and faculty.
    More info here.

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  • foxScripts

    • Compatibility After Effects


    Reveal Paths And Animations Within Seconds!

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  • Matthieu Wlazinski

    • Compatibility After Effects


    TextEvo allows you to easily animate your text with delay based on letters, words or lines.
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  • Motion Boutique

    • Compatibility After Effects

    Connect Layers PRO

    20% Off until Jun 28. Connect your After Effects layers with dynamic lines ! Create rope, spanning tree, triangulation with a single click. Customize the look of your lines on the fly using the powerful features of our plug-in interface.

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  • mamoworld tools

    • Compatibility After Effects

    Squash & Stretch

    Create animations with Squash & Stretch in no time with a collection of ready to use behaviors, carefully handcrafted by professionals and controlled by an intelligent system – ensuring your animations come to life without starting from scratch each time.

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  • Sander van Dijk & Remco Janssen

    • Compatibility After Effects

    Ouroboros 2

    With Ouroboros 2 you can create multiple strokes on one single path in After Effects.
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  • François Lefebvre

    • Compatibility After Effects

    The Power of Expression Book

    An easy and global approach to learning everything you have to know about using expressions in Adobe After Effects! Available as a beautiful hardcover book or downloadable eBook.

    See option to order the eBook only below

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  • Plugin Play

    • Compatibility After Effects


    Break your videos and find the pixel wonderland ;) The only way to true Datamosh inside of After Effects


    Save by buying it along with AE Pixel Sorter and Data Glitch with the Glitch Bundle!

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