GoType FAQ

Aug 23, 2021 by Ebberts + Zucker

GoType FAQ

Install: The easiest way to install GoType is by using the aescripts + aeplugins manager app. To install manually as a dockable panel, drag the GoType.jsxbin file and the GoType folder (containing the .ffx files) into After Effects/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels (MAC) or After Effects/Support Files/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels (Windows) and restart After Effects. 

Trial: 7 days / 5 lines of text limit 

What is GoType? GoType is an affordable, compact text animator that is based on a limited version of MonkeyWords. It can create one precomp (page) of text animation per build and is perfect for creating basic text animations very quickly and easily. With that simplicity comes limitations, so you if you're interested in more features please check out MonkeyWords.

The size, spacing and font are controlled by the Character Window, while the layout is dictated by the Paragraph Window.

Speed Settings (frames):  Very Fast: 10 / Fast: 15 / Medium: 20 / Slow: 40 / Very Slow: 60

Splitting up text: A Pipe Key ( | ) inserted between words creates a new line of text.

Editing Text: Once the Go! button is clicked, GoType will create a numbered GTPage precomp (placed in the GoType folder) with text animations that are triggered by markers on a master control layer in that comp. Those layers are easily edited or transformed if needed. Sliding the markers will adjust the inpoint of the layers.

Easing and Intensity: An effects control is placed on the GTPage layer in the master comp that controls the amount of easing and intensity applied to the move. We applied the most commonly used eases (Transition In: Ease Out / Transition Out: Ease In). If the ease control is set to 0, the resulting move will be linear - setting it to 100 will apply the highest ease possible. If more extreme eases are needed, try using a slower speed setting.

Note: Inertia, Bounce or other extra eases are not possible with this script due to the nature of our system of applying expressions to text animations. Check MonkeyWords for    more options

Offset: This checkbox turns the delay between text layers off, so if there are multiple lines, they all animate on together.

Hold: Approximate Time (in frames) between the transition in and the transition out.