Six quick tips on how to improve your workflow when working with Squash & Stretch

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Learn how to work more effectively with Squash & Stretch for Adobe After Effects.

Tip 1
Shift-click Text Exploder to skip dialog: If you click the Text Exploder icon with shift key pressed, the dialog does not open and TextExploder is applied with exactly the same settings as you have chosen the last time you used it.

Tip 2
Shift-click Stagger Layers tool to skip dialog: Exactly as for the Text Exploder, this will skip the dialog and apply the Stagger Layers tool with exactly the same settings as you used last time.

Tip 3
Shift-click Apply button to avoid modifications of existing animations: To keep the keyframes of existing animations untouched, hold the shift key pressed while applying additional behaviors and existing animations will stay exactly where they have been before.

Tip 4
Deactivate Text Exploder Confirmation: Tell Squash & Stretch not to ask before splitting a text into characters. If the text should stay a single layer, you can still precompose it manually before applying the behavior.

Tip 5
Parent Null Layers: Squash & Stretch can create parent null layers, such that you can easily move and scale your animations. You can enable the creation of these null layers in the preferences of Squash & Stretch.

Tip 6
Adding Sounds after the fact: If you want to add a sound to a behavior after you created it, just apply the same behavior to some solid, delete the solid and just keep the sounds.


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