Fun 360° Star Wars animated short using SkyBox Studio and Element 3D Charbel Koussaifi

Tools used

Author Notes

Charbel Koussaifi created a fun 360° Star Wars short clip that combines two favourite characters, BB-8 and R2-D2.  He used After Effects, with 3D models from Video Copilot, and SkyBox Studio to create the 360° environment. E3D works well with SkyBox Studio, so it’s relatively easy to bring your After Effects comp into 360°.

Charbel shares his workflow on the project, so we can see how it’s done.

Workflow for the sequence:

  1. Create a square composition (1080×1080) in Adobe After Effects.
  2. Create the 3D environment inside Element 3D using the corridor models located in the Video Copilot Star Wars pack as well as models from the motion design two pack

Creating the 3D Environment in After Effects with Element 3D.

Workflow continued: 360° Video

  1. Use SkyBox Studio – Skybox Creator module and output an Equirectangular composition from the main composition
  2. Create the camera animations
  3. Create the 3D character animations using models located in the Video Copilot Star Wars pack  (R2-unit, BB-unit, tie fighter and X-wing)
  4. Light the scene
  5. Add some green screen footages from youtube and action stock footages from Videocopilots action essentials 2 pack
  6. Use optical flares to create some 3d lens flares and saber plugin to create the light saber
  7. Render the equirectangular composition
  8. Adobe Premiere Pro and Auditon for sound engineering


About Charbel Koussaifi 

Charbel wants to live in a world filled with amazing videos, films with no plot holes and a force field around his computer that repels software crashes and computer viruses.

As an Animator | Filmmaker with more than 5 years of experience, he’s worked on various projects that include UNDP / UNGC TVC, Agile Corporate Video, Lebanese Ministry of Finance Explainer videos, ALFA TVC, Porsche Macan launching (and more), corporate videos, TV, radio and new media.

When he’s not creating amazing videos to help business owners get better media coverage, you can find him cheering on his favorite MMA fighter or contemplating the ending of inception.


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