Very nice infographic piece that uses Newton, Plexus and a many aescripts tools by

Tools used

Author Notes

We made this info graphic animation with Avon Turkey for national cancer week. Explaining current aspects of breast cancer in the world and in Turkey while highlighting what has been done in the manner of fighting with it.
Thanks to Avon, it is the longest running social responsibility project in Turkey as it’s been 18 years. Donations, fundraising, walks for awareness, seminars, free mammography scans, breast cancer research and education for self-diagnosis are just some of these actions to name..
Project created in house by Büyük Ayı, our design studio. It took about 30 days to finish the piece including revisions, design suggestions etc. Three persons involved in the project. Briefly we used RespositionAnchorPoint, pt_shiftlayers, ease and wizz, PuppetTools 3, Plexus and Newton in the project.
Production Company: Büyük Ayı
Design & Illustration: Ezgi Çınarlı, Batuhan Türkay, Özgür Atmaca 
Animation: Batuhan Türkay, Özgür Atmaca


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