Tremendously creative title sequence that uses Newton for a nice touch of real world physics on the title animations by

Tools used

Author Notes

Opening sequence for the documentary series "De Nos Mains".
Aired on RTBF december 2014.

Concept, design & animation : REANIMATION (Boris Wilmot & Yann Deval)
A documentary series by Gaetan Saint-Remy & Sophie De Brabandere
Production : Thank You & Good Night - Sep Stigo Films

DOP : Olivier Verdoot
Camera Assistant : Arthur Anger
Music : Sébastien Monnoye (Old Joy) & Yann Deval (REANIMATION)
Mixing : Damien Rouchaud
Hands : Michel Villée Noémie Vincart
Yishaï Gassenbauer, Séraphin Wilmot, Dorothée Giangreco, Gaetan Saint-Remy, Louise Schmidt, Clara Scholl

Series directed by Gaetan Saint-Remy 
Production manager : Geneviève De Bauw

Collective // Motion Graphics & Music
Boris Wilmot - Yann Deval - Thomas Fage - Stéphane Laplatte


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