Great typographic piece inspired by Apple's "Design in Motion" that uses Newton, Plexus, TypeMonkey and Beat Assistant by Micha Karmann

Tools used

Author Notes

What I used in this video?
A few aescripts + aeplugins products.
Newton 2, Plexus, TypeMonkey and Beat Assistant.
But - please don't forget! The idea for the video is not mine!!!!!
It's all based on this wonderful "Design in motion" video by Apple.
By the way … the copy "To find the right balance is to pull the right sticks." is not a mistake because I'm a drummer, too :-)
So … "(drum) sticks" in case of "steaks"  ;-))))))
That's why I build up a short lyrics video for free for a good friend, too.
Therefore I use Beat Assistant and Type Monkey ...
If you have a little time you can take a look at my portfolio.
Here you'll find a lot of video and online stuff. 
Especially some multimedia stuff here
But it's up to you.
Opps …. I said that I'm a musician.
My greatest heart's desire was … to help other musicians to find a record deal, an agency, to announce them or whatever I can do.
So I build up one of the most well designed online portal here in Germany.
You can find the english version here because it goes more and more international:
So, if you know some bands or musicians I can help please let me know.
It's complete free of charge for all artists!


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