Great storytelling animation using Ease and Wizz by

Tools used

Author Notes

Earlier this year I completed a trailer for the fantasy-adventure audiobook Fire on the Mound, using art from Lego and Hasbro concept artist Brian Ellis. I separated the layers of Brian's artwork along the z-axis to create small, dimensional scenes within the pages of the novel. As the book's pages turn to propel the story forward and reveal more worlds, I realized the animation of the actual page turns and accompanying camera moves lacked that extra get-up-and-go. I turned to Ease and Wizz to give the keyframe interpolation more oomph. I also applied Ease and Wizz to the final reveal, when the book collapses into a smart phone, showing the entire novel can be carried in audio form.

Written and Directed by William J. Meyer.
Artwork by Brian Ellis.
Featuring vocal artist Steve Rudolph. 
Music by William Seegers.


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