Nice explainer video that uses Ease and Wizz for some sweet motion by Julian Leupold.

Tools used

Author Notes

"The ultimate tutorial showing you how to get famous on Instagram in only a few steps.
Gain more likes and followers and get on top of Instagram in only a few seconds."

We are a team of four design students from germany. As a recent project we created a "not-so-serious" tutorial video showing "How To Become Famous On Instagram". This is not just one of 1000 explanation videos. We gave it a little ironic touch, recorded a professional voice-over and added english subtitles. For quiet all keyframes we've used the awesome "Ease and Wizz" script.
It was great fun to work on a project that combines Motion Graphics with Real Footage.

Attention, people who saw the entirely video said:
"I already got 4000 new FOLLOWERS, THANK'S!!!! :)))" - LX Wrth

This project is made by:
Julian Leupold
Alexander Roidl
Lorenz Wetscher
Franz Feistel

Special thank's to:
Andreas Kallwitz (voiceover)
Kimberly Meade (actress)

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Please notice: This video might contain ironic statements.


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