Georgeous design and perfect animation and transitions by and Sean Mcclintock


Author Notes

Like many projects, we had a pretty short timeline for animation, but the duration of 25 seconds still afforded us the opportunity for some extra detail and finesse.  The majority of the animation was created in After Effects with masks and imported elements from Illustrator. We only ventured out of AE for two of the scenes in which we used C4D to create the car racing off into the distance and the checkered flag in the transition to the celebration scene. 
Heading into the project, we wanted to create several of the transitions and a few other deserving moments with cel animation, but we needed to be economical with our time, so I decided to keep everything in AE and create those moments by animating masks on 2s. The challenge here is that AE doesn't have onion skinning, but I've found in the past that using the "echo" effect, with the right settings, fills that void. Pretty simple setup and a lot of keyframes. The majority of the animation was done with hold frames on 2s, much like a stop motion or cel process. Once the animation was locked down, our last step was adding the texture.
Thanks for taking interest in the Monza project, it was a fun one!


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