Another great spot combining live action with beautiful cel animation by Tony Zagoraios



Author Note

Once again we were extremely happy to continue our fresh collaboration with PLAISIO DEPARTMENT STORES, this time for their school tv campaign.We spent some great time by bringing back our own childhood memories, messing with colours, pencils, pens etc in order to feel what could really excite and impress our little friends.After all school is not only about studying.
Enjoy and have fun!

Client: PLASIO
Agency/ Production Company: NOMINT
Creative Direction: Christos Lefakis/ Yannis Konstantinidis
Art Director/Motion Director: Tony Zagoraios
Graphic Design: TIll Noon (Chris Golfis)
Cel Animation: Michael Towers/Tony Comley
DoP: Ramon Mushroom
Compositor: Rousselos Aravantinos
Visual Director: Yannis Christoforou
Music/Sound Supervisor: Ted Reglis


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