Great educational animation that uses Newton heavily by

Tools used

Author Notes

This video is part of the What if? education series, a series of educational animations for children that explores the fascinating world of failed inventions.

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Concept, design, animation & story: 
Edwin Haverkamp

Sound design: Bart Mineur
Music: Bruce Lim
Voice over: Emma Moretto
Website: Thomas Schrijer

Special thanks to:
Ronald Nijhof (tutor)
Melanie Kandelaars
Lenno Verhoog
Graham Cooper

Marta Vinaixa
Jouk Fris
Medard Vriend
Rink Hof

Maurits Venekamp
Taco Potma
Circus Family for the physics, great piece of software. for the walkcycles and some dynamics.

Graduation project of Edwin Haverkamp for Image & Media Technology at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht (NL).


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