Beautiful infographic with heavy use of 3D models in Plexus by

Tools used

Author Notes

My Name is Yassine Boutaib, and i am from WEAREPOPO, a studio based in Malaysia!

I would like to share this project to express my sincere gratitude and big thanks to your plugin PLEXUS!
Knowing that we had a very very tight deadline and extremely a lot of work to do (looking at the storyboard) we knew that plexus would be the only reliable solution in that case.

In this recent project we used plexus heavily and the speed and the ease of use was of at most help!

The fact that plexus can read objs and give a variety of modifications to it! (unlimited i must say) was just incredible!

Along the way we used pt_shiftLayers ,and repositionanchorpoint!

I hope this project might inspire as many people as possible! And get all the viewers who never used plexus before to jump to it right on :), as this project is very easy to achieve with basic knowledge in plexus.

software:cinema4d, after effects cc
Plugins: Plexus 2.0, Pt-shift layer, repositionanchorpoint, Trapcode Form


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