Great title sequence by Lorcan O'Shanahan that used RepositionAnchorPoint to work with the massive 3D scenes

Tools used

Author Notes

I started by developing an animatic inside of C4D, I had a week to do this myself and present it to the network for approval of the idea. you can see it here:


Once we had approval, i brought two friends onboard to help crank it out the majority of the production with me. we took the scenes i had setup and built out the entire sequence of shots in after effects, importing the cameras via the new cineware plugin, and creating Null locators for everything we'd need to attach something to (particle flares, video plates of the actors faces, etc.).
We actually used cineware for the entire first 2 shots, illustrator graphics with some animation and a 3d model done all very quickly, the key to these was the depth of field (Frischluft lens care) and the ambient gak in z space that gives the scene a ton of depth and atmosphere. we were trying to make this part feel like a digital area lab with some sort of interactive blueprints into which our camera flies into.
As soon as we had everything located and the cameras moving, we started refining the inner scene, adding model detail mainly through the use of Greebler for the rough deathstar-like surface of our inner sphere and the roof. right about here i was flushing out the motion graphics like the actors titles and the main logo animation which they wanted updated and began stuffing thought over the edit and adjusting them as notes came through, many notes came through...
We knew we wanted to have a light of light leaks and flares in the final look, Optical Flares and Sapphire would be used for the colour correction and light effects. Particular was our tool for creating the particle beams of quantum energy which are spinning around the inside of the time travel device.
If i had to name a script that i couldn't have done without, i would have to say, RepositionAnchorPoint. that sh*t saved my life while i was working with the massive 3d scenes and i needed to get something positions 10,000 pixels away right in the middle os one of our locator Nulls!


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