Freshly designed piece for Urban Outfitters using Slice it Up and other aescripts tools by James Harford

Tools used

Author Notes

I created this piece for Urban Outfitters 2014 Autumn Winter Lookbook. 

When creating the style sheet for this, I was experimenting with slicing the image to add an extra layer of movement. But on my original style sheet the cuts were less detailed (as I knew how long this process can take). Before 'Slice it up' was around I use to do this by hand.. It was a long laborious process. And would never allow me to experiment with seeds and randomness. I would have to know what I wanted and make the cuts accordingly with masks - and would end up with a comp of many layers and potentially thousands of keyframes!. Or have to link indexed numbers to expression controllers... etc etc. But using this script and having the controls to randomise the slices and thicknesses not only saved me so much time - but actually helped me experiment and develop a more stylish look. 
aescripts + aeplugins is one of the best resources AE work flow and I often find myself browsing through the scripts - not only in search of new ways to help workflows, but its actually great for inspiration. When I saw slice it up I instantly realised the potential of this powerful plugin!! 


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