Really cool animated tale using Plexus and Trapcode by Pontus Danielsson

Tools used

Author Notes

A short metaphorical tale about life's ups and downs.

Everything is made inside of After Effects except the tree and the boat which is made in C4D. 
In the beginning this was just a test to try out the Trapcode MIR plugin, and I soon discovered that the plugin was very powerful to use when building interesting landscape and suggestive environment. I used Plexus to give the dead tree some life. My intention was to make an artistic type of leaves/flowers but at the same time give the feeling of a spiderweb. 
Inside Plexus I imported the tree as an obj-object and went crazy on the noise effector. 
I tried to blend and make MIRs low-poly look work together with Plexus sharp and edgy feeling.


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