Very trippy but super awesome animation using BAO Mask Brush by the super talented Antonio Vicentini

Tools used

Author Notes

To bend objects such as the worm along a path I used the great free plug-in Omino Python, and BAO Mask Brush also came in handy. This plugin is my favourite thing in After Effects so far and for those not familiar with it it’s something worth trying. You can easily create complex animations such as the Chinese Flying Dragon. The dragon was created using a long and irregular sine wave-shaped mask, and animating the position of the wave and the offset properties of the composition. The dragon itself was created from 10 separate layers including the head, body, legs, scales and tail — which gave me better control for its properties.


Direction & Animation: Antonio Vicentini
Art Direction: David Galasse
Additional art: Antonio Vicentini
Script: Antonio Vicentini, Henry Gosuen, John Diazz
Script was based on the informative article by Steve Cave
Sound Design: Caco Teixeira, Antonio Vicentini
Voice Talent: Phil Miler
Credit's song: One Less Scumbag
Music & Audio library: /


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