Energetic award intro videos using Animography Moldover, Trapcode Mir, Ease and Wizz and many other aescripts tools by Kert Gartner

Tools used

Author Notes

The Game Developer's Choice Awards uses a ton of scripts and plugins like Trapcode Mir, Element 3D, Ease and Whiz, Duplicate with Connections, True Comp Duplicator, and of course, Characteristic along with the amazing Moldover animated font. The IGF is pretty simple technically, but involved animating a massive amount of elements all of which used the Crop Precomps script at one point or another. 

Save comp as Project and True Comp duplicator were also invaluable and saved tons of time over the course of both projects. 

I hope you enjoy them :D

2015 Game Developers Choice Awards Intro Video

GDCA Intro video and Graphics package by: kertgartner.com
Music by Disasterpeace: music.disasterpeace.com/track/move-the-wreck

The idea behind this was to show some retro-ish looking landscapes that evoke a feeling of familiar game environments like a Jungle planet, Fire planet, Ice planet and a Desert planet.

All of the 3D retro environments are created with Trapcode Mir along with Trapcode Particular for the particles. The spacey looking aurora are modified versions of Peder's Hopefields (also created with trapcode Mir) which you can find here: trapcode.com/journal/2014/1/11/hopefields.html The final Logo was created with Element 3D and the entire project was graded with Magic Bullet Looks and Mojo. The animated typeface Moldover is used throughout the intro video and final graphics package for Category intros

IGF Independent Games Festival 2015 Intro Video

IGF 2015 intro and graphics package by: kertgartner.com twitter.com/kertgartner
Artwork by Amora Bettany: blog.studiominiboss.com/ twitter.com/amora_b
Sound Design by: powerupaudio.com/ twitter.com/powerupaudio
Music by: kerokerobonito.tumblr.com/

The idea behind this intro was to have a different scene representing every category in the awards show. All the characters in each scene are either winners, nominees, or honorable mentions in their respective categories from the past few years. It starts with Best Student game, Best Narrative, Best Game Design, Audience Award, Best Audio, Best Visual Art, Nuovo, and finally the Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

I wanted this video to showcase the amount of diversity, fun, collaboration, playfulness, and openness that are present in the indie scene.

There's over 50+ cameos of different indie games and characters in the video. See if you can find them all :D


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