Fantastic animation and design on this infographic using Newton, PuppetTools, Explode Shape Layers and other aescripts tools by the super talented and frequently featured Tony Zagoraios

Tools used

Author Notes

For EYDAPP project we used Puppet Tools 3,Newton 2,also create pivot null  and autocrop as always of course and explode shape layers!!
Keep on providing us...useful tools!!

Backbone people approached us to create a motion design piece for ΕΥΔΑΠ,
the national water company of Greece. We faced that as a great challenge,in order to create
a fresh and modern visual piece for such a public body.
Backbone has developed a great moblie application, where consumers can use EΥΔΑΠ reliable services and take advantage of great social and economical benefits. This great application marks a new season for ΕΥΔΑΠ, by using the technology and digital services in order to make the consumers life easier.

Storyboards and workflow stills:

Client : ΕΥΔΑΠ
Digital Agency : BackboneTechnology
Creative Director : Nicolas Raptis
Director : Tony Zagoraios
Art Director : Tony Zagoraios / Chris Golfis (tillnoon)
Graphic Designer : Chris Golfis (Till Noon)
Motion Designer : Tony Zagoraios / Giorgos Eleftheroglou
Music : Ted Regklis
Sound Design : Renos Papastavros
Voice Over : Nikos Tsines


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