Pixar rebranding using Explode Shape Layers, Ease and Wizz and more by Mr Popo

Tools used

Author Notes

Today we are proud to show you the redesign of the best animation studios of the world. Located in Emeryville, California, Pixar Animation Studios has created acclaimed animated feature and short films for over 25 years. Pixar is also home to the RenderMan line of software products.

Again we had this compulsion to do a redesign for a brand that 
deserves it.

Behance link: http://on.be.net/1B4pTCr

A good project comes with a great presentation, and that's where aescripts tools comes in handy!
With a psd layer cut out to many layers, reposition anchor point tend to save us a huge deal of time.
Whenever we had to animate a page/a segment of the site or mobile we tend to have very simple animation (using ease&wizz mostly), but the challenge is having an offset between these layers to give us a sense of order and beauty in motion! (pt_shiftlayer thank you very much, especially when one comp is over 100 layers and we need to push all the layers 3 frames in a stagger mode).

When it comes to the intro, we had it all in AI, converting it to AE as a simple shape! But our goal was to get each and every single path to be animated separately to have full control! it was a huge time consuming until i stumbled upon Explode shape layer!
I have to admit that script was 3 second close to make me shed tears of happiness (joking!) :).

Thank you aescripts! thanks to all the developers and designers making this community and library helpful more and more as well as becoming wider every single day!

Thank you,
Mr.Popo. (Yassine Boutaib)


Yassine Boutaib
Motion Graphics, Art director

Melissa Kumaresan
Motion Graphics

Martin Vlas
Lead design, Webdesigner, UI/UX designer

Music Used: OrtoPilot - You've got a friend in me


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