Adme showcases how they incorporated Randomatic 2 into their automated character animation workflow.

Tools used

Author Notes

THIS is something I’m very excited about. For the past year we’ve been working away at improving our character animation and design workflow. We recently made a new breakthrough by bringing in Randomatic 2 from @RomainCousin and Keyframe Presets into the mix
Along with all the other external scripts already used to make this frankenstein-system and can now veeery quickly design a ton of different characters with the flip of a few switches!
While it may not produce perfect results every time (as with any random system) within seconds you get a starting point to keep tweaking from!
And if you’re not happy with the look of a specific element you can simply override it’s design and color through individually controlled master properties.


A look behind the scenes at Admes technical developments

Characters are one of the most fun but also time consuming parts of animation. They’re an essential part of almost every story we tell at Adme.

Just like our Cloud Production platform that allows for scalable, high quality animation we’ve developed a similar, modular approach to our characters and their inner workings.

By creating One single character (a male humanbeing being in this case) and creating a visual library of outfits, hairstyles and a brand specific color palette we can easily create thousands of unique characters.



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