Beautiful experimental cel animation by


Author Notes

This is my first video in which I mixed my draw and my motion. 
This is the sum of months spent researching my style.

Amigdala is the center where emotions, and in particular fear, born. Without this very small gland we’d be cold and empty, it’s like an archive of emotional memory, it analyze the present experience in relation with the past ones.
I decided to represent fear into moving images .

There are lot of fears. Many children are afraid of the dark when they go to sleep, fears are transmitted by the mass media, there is fear to be abandoned,the consequence is panic, and also anxiety and loneliness, there is fear of death and fear of the fear, that feeds fear.

Thanks to all for watching, special thanks to all my friends that supported me. Special thanks to my family, to my love, to Berlin and to my mentor.


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