Sweet explainer video using Plexus and C4D by Electric Umbrella

Tools used

Author Notes

this is Eric from Electric Umbrella interaktive Medien GmbH. We recently finished our work on an explanatory video for Fabric Engine and it might be interesting for your inspiration feed.

We used After Effects and a lot of Plexus, the walking man sequence was done with c4d.

The main purpose of the video is to explain the basic concept of Fabric Engine and its primary use cases. We focussed on images which are easy to understand and also gives a hint of complexity and diversity of the system.

Hope you like it, best

Client: Fabric Engine
Studio: Electric Umbrella interaktive Medien GmbH
Creative Director: Jens-Eric Peter
C4D Animation: Martin Albertshauser
Producer: Kolja Grendel
Music: Ben Esser
Voice: Andrew MacPherson


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