Great compilation of experimental renders using Stardust by friedpixels aka James Ramirez

Tools used

Author Notes

I'm a strong believer in experimenting -- keeps your mind fresh and you never know what you'll learn for future use on projects.
All of these are done in After Effects with mostly Superluminal's Stardust, but there's a few Trapcode TAO test in there as well.

I end most of my days playing around each night for 2-3 hours in after effects. I usually render when I'm tired and its past my bed time, or when i'm happy with something. You can follow along on my instagram and twitter accounts! These are from the past month or two.

Hope you enjoy -- and hope you find our own creative outlet to push your mind around.
Play, Play, Play and more Play. Thats the only way.

Music track:
Halpe & horror.vacui - Espacio y Tiempo


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