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Bletchley 360 behind-the-scenes: How our VR tour was made

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Bletchley Park 360 tour: How Britain cracked Nazi Enigma | Adobe Premiere Pro | SkyBox 360/VR Tools

In a special video production, CNET takes us inside the hallowed halls of Bletchley Park, the stately home in Buckinghamshire, England where the Enigma code was broken in World War II. The 360-degree tour will take you into the huts, libraries and work rooms of Bletchley, putting you in the office of Alan Turing, and revealing how German wartime encryptions were broken. 

The 360 post-production was in Adobe Premiere Pro with the help of SkyBox 360/VR Tools plugin. Many thanks to Luke Westaway and John Garnham of C|NET, for this awesome 360 experience, and making-of video.

Journey into wartime cryptography with this immersive 360-degree VR experience. See how Alan Turing and his code-cracking colleagues broke the Enigma code.

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