Short animation using PlexusAuto Crop and malty Simple Camera Rig by Bartlomiej Otlowski

Tools used

Author Notes

Chaos is a short animation by Bartlomiej Otlowski. The animation answers the question of what is a difference between chaos and normalcy. The view is just an illusion. It all depends on the perspective. And how to change the perspective? How to turn a fly into a spider? The answer is time and knowledge.

Style of the animation was inspired by Codex Atlanticus, old astronomy books, technical drawings, blueprints, and gears. Leonardo da Vinci plays a special role here. He was the man who is ahead of one's time. Watching his works you can understand that to find yourself in chaos you should focus on small elements. Find harmony and rhythm. Small elements connected together and overlapped can create things you would never think of.

Design & Animation by Bartlomiej Otlowski
Music by Kai Engel


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