B-roll created with TransfusionMantra VRMocha VRElement 3DAE Pixel Sorter and more by Rick Yaeger

Tools used

Author Notes

In this quick Reframed 360 video experiment, I used Mettle Mantra VR, Mocha VR, Element 3D, Transfusion AI, Red Giant Sound Keys, AE Pixel Sorter, Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks.

Shot at the Vancouver Public Library on a Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere. The 360 camera's blindspot hides the monopod and makes it seem like I'm walking behind a camera operator that is spinning and whipping the camera around.

In this episode I break out a bit of footage I recorded in Vancouver, BC by the Vancouver Public Library. I reframed 360 footage with "painterly" vortex effects overlaid and synced to the beat of the music. I also motion tracked and rotoscoped an art installation behind me to animate and display "NO VLOG TODAY"… There are a ton of effects in this one. If you want to know how I did any of this (or why) drop me a note in the comments.


NO VLOG TODAY is a channel where I, Rick Yaeger, attempt to prepare for my upcoming 360vlog. I'll show you how to do a thing or two as I learn the ropes along the way.






This video was recorded this entirely on the XIAOMI MIJIA MI SPHERE -- https://www.gearbest.com/xiaomi-mijia...


MUSIC: Rock This Joint - Instrumental Version ByYanivi available from Artlist-- https://artlist.io/Rick-6384



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