In this updated tutorial, learn how to create a dynamic rope setup, where you could create a nice dynamic rope in After Effects using SpringyFX and a few expressions. This was previously shown in this tutorial, but this time with a real rope image (thanks to Puppet Pins) instead of relying on shape layers’ rotobezier path. 

Tools used

Author Notes

You’ll need DUIK tool (open source and free on but please consider making a donation or subscribing to their membership in order to support them)

and of course Springy FX for its powerful « Parent Constrain » (available here: )

BONUS: the last chapters show how you could design a chain instead of using a rope image, thanks to another Fremox tool called Moglyph FX (also available on aescripts: )


0:00 - Introduction

0:39 - Preparing the image asset

2:00 - Creating the Puppet Pins

5:10 - Adding bones/Pins with DUIK

8:10 - Creating the Centered Null

10:50 - Adding the Rope Size Slider

11:29 - Making the rope sag 

14:29 - Using Springy Parent constrain

16:50 - Fixing Mid position issue

17:58 - Adjusting Physical properties

18:34 - Using Moglyph FX to design a chain



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