Charles Yeager shows us some of his favorite ways to use Mettle Flux in After Effects

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Charles Yeager ( shows us some of his favourite ways to use the FLUX plugin for After Effects:
• Create a Nebula/Space Scene, Flat and 360° Format
• Track a FLUX volume to flat footage
• Create a time portal effect over flat footage
• Create an environment map (spherical format)
• Create a scene in Flat format and bring it into 360° format.
FLUX brings Fractal Flames into After Effects. 3D Volumetric, so you can move your camera around and through the FLUX "Volume". 
Use it to create sci-fi skies, Nebulas, Portals, and more.
Easily customisable, with many presets. Supports Flat, 360 Mono and Stereo.


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