Great branding spot using Paint & Stick by Rasmus Johan Nielsen 


A video posted by Rasmotion (@_rasmotion) onOct 6, 2016 at 8:07am PDT

Tools used

Author Notes

TeaterGruppen X were making a new interpretation of the classic play Deathwatch by Jean Genet and the task were to make a visual identity which seemed fitting. The play is about 3 prisoners trapped in the same cell, and how their interactions develop them throughout the story.  The play is part of theater of the absurd and the themes vary from sexuality and identity to criminality, murder and power.

My notion were that the 3 prisoners could be seen as different characteristics of the same person, and the ongoing struggle between these characteristics could be interpreted as an inner fight with oneself. Therefore my main idea where to portray a inner prison, a place where you can’t escape own thoughts and is forced to witness your mind for the better or worse. The journey into this inner prison is the keystone of the visual identity.

Chech out the full Behance design breakdown.


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