Thales Corrêa used Lockdown in After Effects to do the digital aging VFX on the Doggy Bank Series on Prime Video

Tools used

Author Notes

Step behind the curtain of 'Doggy Bank' as we reveal the cutting-edge VFX techniques to age our character, Borba, with stunning realism. Watch as we apply digital wrinkles using Aescripts' "Lockdown" software, created by VFX wizard Chris Vranos. Check the magic unfold as practical makeup meets digital enhancement in this captivating before-and-after demonstration.

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Crafting Age: Adding Virtual Wrinkles with Lockdown in 'Doggy Bank'

Ideal for filmmakers and VFX artists looking to understand the nuances of realistic aging effects in After Effects. Watch the transition from simple footage to an aged portrayal through advanced face tracking technology. Like, share, and subscribe for more tutorials and behind-the-scenes looks into innovative VFX applications. 


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